October 20-21, 2018 Exploring the body's 5 fluid systems and their unique energies

Oct 20 2018 10:00 am
Oct 21 2018 5:00 pm
Jim Kepner & Carol DeSanto
Price: $295.00
The fluids of the body are a wonderful way to energetically access our deep sense of interconnectedness. Some consider that we have 5 integrative and interactive fluid systems: cardiovascular, lymphatic, interstitial, cerebrospinal and the recently elucidated primo vascular system. For the energy healer each of the 5 fluid systems have very different frequencies. As we get familiar with the various qualities of these 5 fluid systems we are able to better influence body systems, body awareness and our own states of consciousness. 

In this workshop we will-
  • Learn about and identify the 5 fluid systems of the body
  • Explore their unique energies and ways of accessing them
  • Develop the states of consciousness that are required to work with them
  • Enhance our sense of interconnectedness and flow within our body
  • Look at how this can be used in our work to support wellness for our clients

Exploring these fluid systems and energies in the group field of the workshop gives us a distinct advantage from working alone.

We invite you to join us in experimenting, exploring and playing with this new perspective on energy and the body. Both those experienced with energy work and those new to these practices will find this work illuminating and useful. 

Our "Topical Weekend Workshops" are a great way to learn about Pathways For Healing energy work practices and to gain knowledge and proficiency in the topic of the weekend. Our weekends have included topics such as Nervous System Energy Work, working with trauma patterns in the body, working with the autonomic nervous system, a framework for wellbeing, the chakra system and many others dealing with energy work and spiritual principles.


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