Suggested Audio at Pathways

We have a growing number of guided practices available in our audio section. If you are new to our work the following are the place to start.

Highly recommended guided meditations and energy practices:

   * The "Coosh Ball" process is how we access a  concentrated and expansive source of subtle energy in the Nervous System Energy Work.  This practice can help you tap a greater supply and flow of energy no matter what envy system you work with. Click Link
   * Resting Into the Heart of the Divine- This meditation opens us to a palpable sense of the presence of the Divine heart through the back and front of the heart chakra.the back and front
In English-  Click Link
In Spanish-óndeDios  Click Link
   * Heart Balance Meditation- Based on the polar energies dynamic energy of the heart center through the glyph of the figure eight, a spiritual principle central to our work, this guided energy meditation helps us open and balance the heart chakra.  Click Link
   * Color breathing is one of the best ways I know to clear each chakra and sense the color/frequency of energy each chakra encompasses.

   * Part I-  Click Link

   * Part II-  Click Link

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Resting Into the Heart of God Back Loop- Part I

This is a luxurious version of this essential meditation, so central to our spiritual approach, which opens the "back loop" of the heart center figure eight. Guided by Carol at a recent workshop.

11:17 minutes (10.33 MB)

Heart of God back loop Part II

Continuation of the meditation from Part I

11:28 minutes (10.49 MB)

Balancing the 5th Chakra

This excerpt guides you through balancing the polarities of the 5th chakra, the throat center. Especially appropriate for our upcoming April workshop.

7:48 minutes (7.14 MB)

Opening to More Energy: the Coosh Imagery

Energy field of the "coosh" fibers

6:02 minutes (11.05 MB)

Balancing the Second Chakra

A meditation to balance the polarities of the second chakra: Stability & Fluidity, guided by Jim Kepner.

15:16 minutes (14.19 MB)

Meditacion: Descansando en el corazón de Dios-Español

18:11 minutes (16.65 MB)

!Lourdes Quiroz Kepner - !Descansando en el corazón de Dios-Español

Versión en español de esta maravillosa <

16.64 MB

Resting Into the Heart of the Divine

Front & back of heart chakra

14.1 MB

Heart Balance Meditation

We've got audio!

Carol guides this short version of the meditation to balance the polarities of the heart center from a workshop.

6:45 minutes (6.33 MB)

Balancing the Second Chakra: Carol DeSanto

Another version of the 2nd chakra balance meditation, guided by Carol.

3.85 MB

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