What Makes the Pathways for Healing Approach Different?

“It's the energy!" -

Students at Pathways For Healing don't just learn concepts or rote exercises. We do work that generates a real experience of subtle energy and expanded awareness states.

The missing link for real spiritual development-

Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW), in addition to being a sophisticated system of energy work, literally grows your nervous system’s capacity to access subtle awareness and higher states of consciousness.

Is it like Reiki?

Reiki is a great place to start learning about energy. It's a lovely energy and it's easy to do. But what makes it so easy, that the healer uses no conscious direction of the energy, is also what limits it. Reiki is very high frequency and broad band energy, and often specific organs or conditions need different energies than Reiki provides. So, in the Pathways Approach we teach practitioners not only to sense and understand what energy is needed, but to consciously generate and direct different kinds of energies (frequencies) and how to pay attention to what's really working rather than rote applications.

Doesn't the body know what it needs? Why do you need to direct it?

Have you ever tried to water a plant where the soil was so dry the water just ran off without soaking in? The same happens in the body: an organ or body system can be so depleted yet unable to absorb the energy you give. The body may need energy but not be able to take it in. Or the frequency you are using may not be what's absorbable. It may feel good but not do good. That's why to grow as a healer you have to take the next step and learn to sense what is needd and develop the skills to generate a full spectrum of energies. The Pathways Approach teaches these skills and practices.

More than just “running energy-”

Many people who have started in energy work through basic cookbook or “just let it flow” approaches are ready to go beyond the basics. They want to know more and to have much greater impact. Although wonderful starting points, healers need more options to attune the work to the client’s needs. NSEW gives them the more specific knowledge and skills to make for a more whole and effective approach to energy work.

Specific and palpable-

The trouble with subtle energy work can be that it is just that… to subtle! If it cannot be felt or does not have a noticeable impact on health or awareness then you need something more. The Pathways for Healing Approach takes advantage of the body’s natural medium for energy and for consciousness: the nervous system. This brings subtle energy work out of the vague and esoteric into more specific focus and definite sensation. Clients and practitioners alike note NSEW’s clear impact on the physical body.

Advanced, professional levels of training-

Our certification program provides the hands-on training to build professional competence and confidence in energy work.

An “integral” approach that goes beyond concepts-

Many people attracted to Integral Psychology theory have been frustrated with the gap between theory and practice. How do we bring these exciting concepts into practical reality spiritual development in life and work? We know that concepts alone don’t make for real changes in consciousness.


What’s missing? It’s not just more hours of meditation.. The Pathways For Healing Spiritual Approach understands the link between subtle energy, the nervous system, and consciousness. Spiritual consciousness requires a nervous system that is open to, and can access the qualities of energy we enter into in higher states of consciousness. Energy work in the nervous system as an intrinsic part of our practices for developing consciousness. The spiritual map we have of the levels of consciousness and figure eight dynamics of polarity in each level is highly compatible with Integral theory, while outlining a practical pathway for development.

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