Energy Field Dynamics

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Energy Field Dynamics

Chakras (Energy Centers) and Auric Field

What are Energy Healing Methods?

Energy healing methods involve learning to work with the human energy field, also called the auric field, for the promotion of vitality, health, awareness and well-being. Although science is just beginning to be able to measure the subtle energetic fields which surround and interpenetrate the human body, it is possible to learn to directly sense and work with these subtle energetic fields.


In energy healing work, we are taught to perceive our own and others energy, reliably generate a "flow" of energy to use in healing work, and the structures and functions of the energetic field as they effect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence.


Energy healing is one of the fundamental practices of modern energy medicine and it's principles are applicable and can be integrated into a wide variety of healing arts: psychotherapy, body oriented psychotherapy, massage, nursing, medical and allied health services, and complimentary approaches.



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