Energy of the Heart: love, health, forgiveness, and other small details

Apr 28 2012 10:00 am
Apr 29 2012 5:00 pm
Carol Desanto & Jim Kepner
Price: $295.00

Wax heart

Despite popular opinion, the heart is not: merely a pump, purely spiritual, an emotional center, an organ of moral judgement, a career inventory, or even a winner of football games.

The heart is the seat of an energy center that is the crossroad between heaven and earth-between the earthly nature of our lower chakras and the spiritual nature of our upper chakras. This delicate position means that, when we are out of balance, the heart’s nature is easily discolored by energies not it’s own. We can see this in the ways in which the heart has been overly romanticized by popular culture and overly spiritualized by new age and religious culture.

Our illusions about the heart are more than fanciful. When we ask our heart to do things not of its nature it affects our health. This creates stress and strain that has real, physical effects, including things like inflammation and release of stress hormones.

And then there’s those little, perennial questions. What is the nature of love? What does it mean to forgive? Is forgiveness important to our spiritual progress? No amount of philosophy has been able to satisfy us about such questions, yet they lie at the very essence of the heart and it’s energy.

In this workshop we will work to ground us in the essential energy of the heart through:

  • Hands-on energy work;
  • Sorting out what the heart is and what it is not, but has been confused with;
  • To explore how energy work to support the physical heart and it’s health, also supports the spiritual nature of the heart, and vice versa;
  • Practices to initiate the cycle of forgiveness that are empowering for our health, life energy and our soul.

Join us!


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