Dreaming As An Inner Temple Practice, December 3 & 4, 2011: Inner Temple Program Workshop

Dec 3 2011 10:00 am
Dec 4 2011 5:00 pm
Carol Desanto & Jim Kepner
Price: $450.00

For students enrolled in the Inner Temple Program.

In spiritual terms "dreaming" is anything that conveys information from the realm of Spirit, dimension the higher of consciousness, to our normal consciousness. Dreaming can come in condensed, non-linear forms such as images, symbols, impressions, and sleeping or waking dreams.

To make ourselves available to Dreaming requires time, rhythm, space and release of expectations that constrain us to normal consciousness. In learning to dream it is important both to seek the dream and be available to what shows up as a dream. We often seek connection with Spirit with an attitude of urgency or hard work. We also need an open, playful and inviting to make space for dreaming to unfold.

We invite you to join us, by paying attention to your dreams. In this way we create a collective field for an expanded experience of dreaming.

We welcome anyone who has committed themselves to a spiritual journey and wants to deepen that through a richly developed group energy field to apply and join us in this workshop.




Over our years of teaching a significant body of work has developed that offers a powerful and cohesive approach to spiritual development. It is steeped in ancient spiritual traditions and guided by the key principle behind everything at Pathways- it's the energy.

In this program workshop we will focus on:

  • Learning the principles and structural map of the Inner Temple and how it outlines the levels of consciousness that make up our multidimensional nature.
  • Energy practices that demonstrate the Inner Temple is intrinsic to our human nervous system.
  • Understanding the meaning and significance of initiation in the process of spiritual development.
  • Practice and personal assistance to enhance our connection with inner guidance.

In classic Pathways for Healing manner, we will draw from the full range of possibilities including hands-on energy work, development of the group energy field, presentations of sacred principles, and meditation practices.

You can read more about the Inner Temple Program at: http://www.pathwaysforhealing.com/temple

For students enrolled in the Inner Temple Program in Spiritual Development at Pathways for Healing, this weekend includes the Friday Class (noon to 4pm) and the Saturday/Sunday workshop (10am-5pm each day).


This program is open to anyone interested in an energy-based approach to spiritual development. We ask that you:

  1. Fill out our online program application form http://www.pathwaysforhealing.com/healingform
  2. And then register for the weekend at at this page.
  3. Or by calling (440) 446-9686.


The workshop fee of $450 includes the Friday class for free.

Students with Advanced Practitioner Certification are eligible for a further 10% discount when paying by check or cash. Contact Carol directly. It's helpful to us if Advanced Practitioners register here and indicate "pay by check" during the checkout.


10am-5pm both days

Location: Jim Kepner's home
3372 Clayton Blvd., Shaker Hts., OH 44120 Map

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