October 28-29 Working At the Edge of the Unknown: at work and play in the deep nervous system

Oct 28 2017 10:00 am
Oct 29 2017 5:00 pm
Carol DeSanto & Jim Kepner
Price: $295.00

Working At the Edge of the Unknown:

at work and play in the deep nervous system

October 2017 



Working in the human nervous system and energy field we find that key insights, previously hidden from view, can emerge in the course of treatment, not always by design. What is it that allows for this? Is it just a matter of time? Do we need to build more energy to surface patterns in the body? What makes the difference between being stuck, unable to improve further and bringing to the fore new understanding and approach? How do we support ourselves, our clients, the energy field to stay with the unknown so that patterns can emerge or work/track the known to create stability and resources?


The essence is to nurture the energy dynamic between the polarities of the Known and the Unknown. The movement of energy between polarities is a hallmark of the Pathways approach and NSEW. Knowing which side of the energy we are on and how to support our flow and state of awareness through both polarities is the art of energy work. And a good skill to have for the known and unknown dynamic in our lives as well!


In the nervous system the thalamus is a crucial brain center for creating the state of consciousness in which we can support this dynamic flow between the Known and the Unknown. In this “thalamic state” we have found that previously hidden patterns can come to the surface for transformation and healing. This thalamic state allows the client shift into deeper consciousness, into qualities of silence and emptiness—and experience  a true-neutral without directionality. The body’s energy matrix becomes more fluid in this state and patterns, tensions, imbalances loosen and disentangle. 


Join us to learn:

    • How to sense, connect with and work in the energy of the nervous system.
    • How to identify and sense the parts of the brain and central nervous system via energetic touch.
    • To experience the deep quiet and calm of a balanced nervous system.
    • To expand your own consciousness through meditations and practices that tap the potential of the back aspects of our chakra system.
    • To understand and use the energy dynamic of the Known and Unknown figure eight.
    • Even more about using Nervous System Energy Work!



Open to all. Participants new to our work can acquire foundational energy skills as a base for the weekend by attending the October Friday class the afternoon before the weekend.

Location:Carol's house: 5153 Meadow Wood Blvd., Lyndhurst, OH 44124 Map

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