Fall 2009: Introduction to Pathways Energy Work

Oct 16 2009 7:00 am
Oct 16 2009 1:00 pm
Carol DeSanto & Jim Kepner
Price: $90.00

Cleveland, Ohio, Friday, 10am-4pm

It's easy to jump in and get a one day hands-on immersion in the fundamentals of our approach. Whether you are just wanting to sample this way of working or you are looking for grounding in the basic skills and practices before taking a workshop, you'll find our experiential teaching and personal, hands-on support and supervision to be a real confidence builder.

New students will find our One-Day Introduction to Pathways Energy Work, the
Friday before our weekend workshops, an essential
grounding in basic skills and practices that will make the weekend
material accessible.

We will introduce and practice the essential concepts and process of NSEW and energy field work:

  • How energy flows through the nervous system,
  • How to open your field to access the source of energy,
  • How to sense the nervous system,
  • How to match your flow of energy to the native energy of another's nervous system,
  • How the chakras and nervous system connect.
  • And our fundamental process of clearing the central nervous system.
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