Google Body... Now : A Fabulous resource for healers!


We all know that having a little basic anatomy knowledge is useful for healers. But having it in 3-D and for free is even better! It's so helpful to locate body parts in relation to other parts three dimensionally the way we do with our hands.

Thus, my new favorite web toy is Google Body, part of the Google Labs experimental offerings. It's like Google Maps for the body! You can fade layers of muscles, nerves, organs and bones, turn to get different angles, bigger and smaller. For an example of how I used this in a blog post on my Gestalt Body Process Blog site See the picture with the post "Your Life in 3-D." I used screen shots from Google Body and edited, but the app itself is better!

If you already have the Google Chrome browser, open it and go to and click on Google Body, or try this direct link: Google Body. It's supposed to work on the regular Chrome browser, but although I had trouble with it.

If that doesn't work, you may need the "Chromium" web browser, which is the latest beta version of of the Google Chrome browser. I give easy steps for finding and installing it below.

  1. Go to Find the link that says "Try the latest BETA version »" and then download and install Chromium.
  2. Then open Chromium and go to Google Labs and click on Google Body, or try this direct link: Google Body,

Enjoy, and let me know how you like it.

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