Opening the Energy Body By Clearing the Central Nervous System


One of the core processes in NSEW is the Central Nervous System Clearing process, sometimes referred to as CNS "chelation." This is a key process for practitioners to master in it work. Through this process we make for a more open flow of subtle energy through the nervous system.
The Central Nervous System (CNS), the brain and spinal cord, is the major collection of nerve tissue in the body and all the essential skills of NSEW are learned and practiced there: matching energy with the nervous system, getting a felt-sense of nerve tissue and how it responds to subtle energy, and how clearing the energy density in nerve tissue works.
Beyond the practitioner side, this key work makes available a number of things that are important  to consciousness, to spirituality and and to our well-being. 
  • Supplies energy everywhere- The CNS is the major distribution network for the energy of the nervous system for feeding energy to all the tissues and organs in our system. We have referred to the nervous system as an energy network as "Highway of Light."
  • Pathway for embodying consciousness- The CNS is the main pathway for consciousness into the body. Traditionally the soul is said to enter incarnation (flesh) through the crown, to come into embodiment from the head down. Biologists call this the cephalo-caudal or head to tail direction. We have found this to accurate from our experience tracking the presence of consciousness through the nervous system work, especially in out of the body experiences, trauma response and dissociation, death and dying, and other significant disjunctures of embodiment and consciousness.  Trained practitioner can sense when consciousness is resident in the body vs when the "lights are on but on one is home."
  • Connects the chakra energies/consciousness to embodied life- Every major chakra, the centers of subtle energy in the body, is rooted in the brain and spinal cord, a fact often widely neglected by many teachers. This means that, potentially, our nervous system is capable of carrying the whole range of energies and sites of  available to human consciousness. I say potentially because this is only true when the nerve tissue itself is open to energy flow and the chakra energy centers are fully aligned with the nervous system. The CNS clearing process is an important step towards this.
  • Increases body sensation and self awareness- An open pathway for subtle energy in the CNS also makes available increased body sensation and both body and self awareness. This allows us to feel more present, more connected to the whole of our bodily being, and more available to living in the present moment.
  • Grounding- Grounding is affected in a number of ways from the CNS Clearing process. The spinal cord, at the level of the sacrum, connect directly to the sciatic nerves, the biggest nerves in the body. If, as we have found, an open pathway of energy through the nerves enhances body sensation and presence in the body, then opening this pathway through the brain, spinal cord and all the way through down the sciatic nerves gives us a remarkable, felt connection to the earth, to grounding, from the head to foot. That's a lot! We use this connection to help people who tend to become overwhelmed by their emotions a way to feel grounded and embodied without going through their visceral core where strong emotions tend to be felt.
  • Directional flow and emotional modulation- This same process establishes a directional flow of energy through the nervous system, the body and the auric field which we call "downward flow." Downward flow enhances ones grounding and bodily presence and counters the upward flow of fight/flight and anxiety (SNS over-arousal). It also helps bring our awareness down into the rest of the body if we tend to live in our head. 
You might say that we get a lot "bang for the buck" from this process! 


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