The Crown Chakra Summer Retreat: our spiritual waters and the body's fluid tissues

Aug 2 2018 10:00 am
Aug 5 2018 1:00 pm
jim Kepner & Carol DeSanto
Price: $1,395.00


River's Edge at St. Joseph Center
3430 Rocky River Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44111 


The Crown chakra carries the highest frequency of energy in the body and traditionally is thought of as the gateway for our soul to enter into incarnation. The Crown is also the locus where the sacred waters of life flow through the creative nature of form. The fluid tissues of our physical body are profoundly affected by this Crown chakra energy and carry this high spiritual quality deeply into our bodily form and manifest existence.

In this Residential Retreat we will be working to open the Crown chakra and bring it's spiritual water into manifestation through:
  • Fascinating new work with the brain lymphatic system and interstitial tissues
  • Generating the unique Ketheric vibration of the lymphatic system 
  • Spiritual principles that create the dynamic between the spiritual and the physical worlds 
  • Meditations and hands on work to generate a palpable sense of these higher dimensions and frequencies
The Residential Retreat format allows us the time and intensive work to richly develop the group energy field and deepen our personal practice. The Pathways approach works  to amplify the spiritual energies and enhance our reception of spiritual guidance and perception. You will learn the higher principles that are intrinsic to our particular topic, experience guided meditations, practice and receive hands-on energy work to build the Inner Temple of the body and energy bodies, and explore sacred practices connected to nature and ancient traditions and perspectives.

 The beautiful grounds, pool and facilities of River’s Edge, sharing meals together, all make this retreat a very special experience.

This workshop is open everyone, either new to or experienced with our work.

Fee includes room and board! 

*Onsite residential space limited to 15 (single rooms, shared bath). When onsite space is filled offsite rooms will be available for separately negotiated cost at nearby hotel, with shuttle service available.  Contact Carol DeSanto for more information 440-446-9686


River's Edge at St. Joseph Center
3430 Rocky River Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

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