October 5-6, 2019- Applying the Universal Solvent: easing our physical, emotional and mental binds

Oct 5 2019 12:00 am
Oct 6 2019 5:00 pm
Carol DeSanto & Jim Kepner
Price: $295.00


Everyone knows what it’s like to feel stuck with a life problem be they problems of health, mental habits, emotional reactivity or personal limitations. We have come to recognize the  energetic quality of “bind,” where change seems impossible and there appears to be no potential for anything new or different. We look at this sense of bind as an indicator for energy rather than as a problem to solve.


What energy is indicated by the quality of bind? We are glad you asked! It is an energy that draws on the infinite potential and possibility that exists in the greater field. This is the Universal Solvent the alchemists referred to: that which dissolves all fixed substances of body, mind, emotions and heart allowing change and transformation to occur.


In our work we teach the practitioner to expand the energies of their heart, throat and third eye centers. This allows us to evoke the higher spiritual principles of Potentiality and Possibility, so we may more easily loosen these energetic binds.


One of the benefits of understanding that everything is energy is also understanding that what seems definite and solid is really an energetic field: a coherently organized form of energy. This includes our seemingly solid physical body as well as our mental and emotional habits and reactions.


You will learn-

  • How these binds show up in the physical, emotional and mental energy bodies.
  • Hands on work to find and release these energy binds and patterns.
  • Practices to expand the upper chakras to access the greater field of Possibility/Potentiality 
  • Recognize “resistance” as a bind requiring a shift in energy to access more possibilities.
  • Discern the mental energies that are frequently confused with emotional binds and vice versa
  • Identify and release the entangled binds of mental and emotional bodies

Time: 10am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday


Carol's house: 5153 Meadow Wood Blvd., Lyndhurst, OH 44124 Map

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