Doing nothing well... How about a Webinar? We are hopeful!

Hi to everyone staying at home and in the appropriate social distancing: We need us all to do nothing! But that does mean we can't do the usual mid April weekend and Friday classes.

However, Carol and I have continued to meet by internet to do our "preparation" and it is apparent to us that we all need to be together and need the energy support from each other, now more than ever. And though we know that our folk are not always the most tech-savvy group, as the stay at home continues we all have been figuring out at least the basics of reaching out in this form.

Our thoughts: we would like to do some 1-2 hour units for the weekend workshop via a Webinar platform like Zoom or such. Perhaps a unit in the morning and another in the afternoon with practice sessions in between by participants with each other. We would like to draw from work topics and practices such as:
  • Energy self care
  • How to do distance/remote forms of energy work
  • Maintaining the connection to Spirit amidst distraction and collective fear
  • Forming a group field for support from a so-called "distance"
  • And other possible topics

We will be formulating the format and mechanism this week and send out a more specific announcement as we go. If you have already signed up and paid for the workshop you will, of course, be refunded the fee or can apply it to our upcoming Webinar.

More to come!

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