Nervous System Energy Work

Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW) starts with the understanding that the human nervous system, in addition to it's physiological function, also is a magnificent system for distributing subtle energy in the body. This energetic flow through the nervous system nourishes and clears our cells, our organs and our body systems. It also is intrinsic to the quality of our vitality and consciousness.


In Nervous System Energy Work the practitioner generates and directs a flow of energy to clear, open and reorganize the circulation of energy through the body. The nerves transfer subtle energy very directly to body tissues. NSEW is often experienced as having immediate and palpable effects.


Nervous System Energy Work effectively grounds and anchors us in our embodied life while helping to open access to our subtle, spiritual nature.


Not just for the nervous system-

Although it works through the nervous system, NSEW is not just for work on the nervous system itself. It is a broad based energy system that accesses the well being of all our cells, tissues and organs, as well as our consciousness.


A direct connection to the chakra system-

The chakras, or energy centers, are directly rooted in the human nervous system, and so our nervous system has the potential to carry these energies to every tissue and cell of the body. In this sense, the nervous system is the most direct transmitter and transducer for the whole range of subtle energy into our physical being. This has two important implications:


For healing- as every part of our body needs all of our energy resources for healing, our methodology for fostering the continuity of energy from the chakras through the nervous system to the body tissues joins together these multidimensional levels of energy and functioning.


The chakras (energy centers) are each carriers of specific energies of consciousness. Our nervous system is “the means-by-which” our consciousness inhabits embodied life. This means that the nervous system’s capacity to transmit particular chakra energies determines the degree to which we can actually experience higher levels of consciousness, as well as our ability to manifest that consciousness in our lived experience. We can only have awareness in these different levels if our nervous system can carry those particular energies.


Readily integrated with other approaches

NSEW, is a coherent approach to energy work by itself and can be readily integrated with other forms of healing.


NSEW has been used to enhance nursing, medical treatment, massage, psychotherapy, movement work and other approaches.


It's powerful effect on enhancing body sensation and awareness also makes it a significant tool for body-oriented psychotherapies and somatic education.


For a more detailed explanation of NSEW try this link.

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