The Pathways For Healing Approach

The Pathways For Healing Approach to energy work and spiritual development has emerged from a number of unique influences that, together, form a truly integral set of practices.

Our original training in energy healing work with Rosalyn Bruyere grounded us in her particular emphasis on the chakras and the auric field, valuing the importance of grounding and of developing the chakra system as a whole to create a more whole human being. From her we also learned to work with group energy fields and the importance of group fields to support access to spiritual states and expand the healer's access to a greater range of frequencies. We refer to this aspect of our work as Energy Field Dynamics.

Our work as psychotherapists and body oriented therapists, applying energy healing to trauma reactions, chronic stress, and the relationship between illness and emotions, encouraged our search for ways to influence the human nervous system directly with energy. This lead us to the work of Bill Gray, the famous "Mr. A" in Ruth Montgomery's book Born To Heal, and our own modern interpretation of his approach which we call Nervous System Energy Work. This work integrates beautifully into energy work with the chakra system and auric field, giving that work an immediacy and palpable impact that it often lacks alone. Because it runs energy directly through the nervous system it is also tailor made for affecting emotion, sensation and reactivity.

Over our many years of teaching, a unique methodology of spiritual practice and principles based on the dynamics of the figure eight has emerged from our work. The Pathways for Healing Spiritual Approach brings the practice of energy work to enhance our access to the many levels of spiritual perception and awareness, nourishing otherwise esoteric exercises with rich energetic substance.

You'll find more information at the links above and through our audio page which has meditations, exercises and excerpts from workshops and talks.

Energy Field Dynamics

Chakras (Energy Centers) and Auric Field

What are Energy Healing Methods?

Energy healing methods involve learning to work with the human energy field, also called the auric field, for the promotion of vitality, health, awareness and well-being. Although science is just beginning to be able to measure the subtle energetic fields which surround and interpenetrate the human body, it is possible to learn to directly sense and work with these subtle energetic fields.

In energy healing work, we are taught to perceive our own and others energy, reliably generate a "flow" of energy to use in healing work, and the structures and functions of the energetic field as they effect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence.

Energy healing is one of the fundamental practices of modern energy medicine and it's principles are applicable and can be integrated into a wide variety of healing arts: psychotherapy, body oriented psychotherapy, massage, nursing, medical and allied health services, and complimentary approaches.


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