Esalen- March 25-30, 2012- The Practical Woo-Woo: energy resources to bring together body and soul

Mar 25 2012
Mar 30 2012
Carol Desanto & Jim Kepner
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How do we access the energy resources we need for personal and spiritual development? How can these resources empower us to find a real and palpable connection to our true nature and the divine? During this workshop, Carol DeSanto and Jim Kepner will guide you through an exploration of these energy resources, focusing specifically on how to:

• Be more grounded and embodied so spiritual consciousness can have a practical place in our lives

• Access our heart in a way that supports us to stay open even when facing adversity and suffering

• Experience the intimate connection of our nervous system with our chakra energy centers

• Recognize spiritual energy as a constant presence in our lives

• Be free from fixations that keep us stuck in patterns of thinking, feeling, and knowing

• Ponder without being ponderous!

The workshop will include ways to generate and identify the energies of each chakra, hands-on practices to open the nervous system to those energies, and energy practices that amplify meditation and foster a deeper connection to the divine and a more embodied life. Learn spiritual principles that hold together body and soul while integrating physical exercises, breath, and movement…and have fun doing it!

This is an experiential and hands-on workshop. The energies unique to Esalen combined with the group field created during the workshop create a very powerful atmosphere for learning. No prior experience is required. Those who have attended other workshops by the leaders will find a whole new range of insight and practice.

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