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About Energy Work & Nervous System Energy Work (NSEW)

Summary of NSEW: origins, principles and concepts An article from Jim

Comments on Trauma and NSEW

Energy & The Nervous System in Embodied Experience by Jim Kepner. Click to download pdf file.

Brief notes from a presentation on NSEW in working with Pain by Jim Kepner. Click to go to page link

New! Previously only available in printed copies

The vagus nerve in body psychotherapy with early developmental dilemmas: intervention via hands-on energetic work by Jim Kepner PhD Click to download file

New! Articles moved from Blog pages:

Balancing the Heart Chakra

Staying Dry in a River of Love

Orange You Glad (You Have a Second Chakra

The Bone Trilogy:

  • Dem Bones Part One

  • Dem Bones Part Two

  • Dem Bones Part Three: How Bones Nourish Joints

  • Guided Meditation Audio

    Moved to our new Audio page.

    Workshop Recordings

    CD's of some of our workshops, Energy and the Nervous System, Working with Pain, and Aligning the Spiritual and Physical Nervous Systems and others are available for purchase by clicking here.

    Picture of Bill (William) Gray

    Carole Sumler, a writer working on a biography of Bill Gray, has graciously provided us with with a picture of him. She estimates this picture was taken of him in the mid to late 1930's or early 1940's, in the Lake Tahoe area.

    Bill Gray In Tahhoe- 1930's

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