The Framework for Wellbeing- October 25-26, 2014

Oct 25 2014 10:00 am
Oct 26 2014 11:00 pm
Carol DeSanto & Jim Kepner
Price: $295.00

This weekend workshop will cover the principles and essential hands-on tools for what we call The Framework for Wellbeing:


In over 25 years of teaching we have developed a unique body of work with subtle energy as the integrating thread for working with the
nervous system, the chakras, the larger energy field, and with awareness. From this we have developed an abundance of effective ways to enhance health, healing, embodiment and spiritual growth. This has resulted in a perspective for establishing a sense of wellbeing when meeting many different concerns, problems and needs. 

What is wellbeing? Wellbeing is not about feeling wonderful rather than bad. Wellbeing is about anchoring in wonder even as we struggle with feeling bad. Through this framework we find alternate avenues to move us beyond our current narrowness and limits.

A Framework for Wellbeing:

   CONNECTION- A clear flow of energy through the nervous system restores our sense of inner awareness.

   CALM- A balanced autonomic nervous system to sustain health and support our engagement with life. 

   CONSCIOUSNESS- Access to the chakra energies opens the gateways to evolving our consciousness.

   CORE- A deep connection to our physical body as a vehicle for grounding our energy, emotion and spirit.

This framework can be applied to a wide range of activities: from working with pain, recovery from medical treatment, somatic psychotherapy, trauma recovery, health consciousness, ministry.

You will learn hands-on energy work that develops the felt-experience of each part of the framework. No prior experience is required. Newbies and experienced energy workers are welcome. Use the registration button below or call Carol at 440-446-9686

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